Dedicated to taking beautiful images of your dogs only. We are a pair of photographers who take the psychological wellbeing of dogs  as our utmost importance. Whether we are directing them to pose in a certain manner or allowing them to run about freely, we often ensure each session begins with trying to get the dogs to trust us.

We admit, we are no dog-whisperer but we always believe that with a calm and genuine heart, we can win them over, with an occasional help from the treats. We work in a team, at least one person to handle the dog while the other shoots. This way, we can ensure the dog’s safety and helping us get the images we want to give to you.

Our photography services include outdoor and studio portraits, as well as dog-related events such as barkdays (dog’s birthday), dog walkathon etc. Lastly, we believe that through these dogs, we are able to make new friends with the humans! So hit us up with an enquiry today!


Awesome images for their most pawsome moments!