Truffle’s 4th Barkday Pawty

Many of you may have heard about Hachiko the Shiba Inu, and we think Truffle (who has no instagram account yet) bears a resemblance! She makes sure to stay close to her human’s side and never takes her eyes off him!
We first met her at Waffle’s barkday pawty and couldn’t help noticing how shy she was – like an early teenager, decked in a pretty dress but staying near the perimeter of the party grounds. When we were graced with the opportunity to photograph her own barkday pawty, she maintained her demureness. She made sure to stay up on her seat, occasionally obliging for photographs, just like a famous celebrity would. Her bff, Momosauros, is the more boisterous of the inseparable duo, nudging Truffle along to ease her nerves.
Though running around with fellow four-legged friends at pet cafes isn’t really her cup of tea, we were pleasantly surprised during her outdoor photoshoot session in the vicinity of National Stadium. She was completely at ease at the sandpit! She was no longer as guarded and her inner Shiba Inu spirit shone through – afteral, they’re naturally free runners! We were told that she isn’t quite as reserved at home :p (sounds a bit like what our parents used to tell the relatives about us when we were kids, right?)
Hopefully someday, #trufflenoinstagram will be @trufflefinallygotinstagram! In case you missed her pawty, here are the highlights! 🙂 Have a wonderful week ahead!