Cotton’s 1st Barkday

Cotton’s barkday was one of those which seemed to have everything in place – food (for both the furballs and humans), sufficient space for a massive #corgisquad welcome for every new dog that saunters in, and a whole lot of corgi-butt-sniffing! That doesn’t mean it’s a corgi-only party because we definitely had fun with the other pawsome friends!
Did we mention that Mackie (the pom) was doing such a great job at the “registration counter” with his soft-toy-looking friend, Smartie, making sure all the corgis received their goodie bags and submitted their name for the lucky draw. It’s a major test of your memory to differentiate all the corgis that day!
Of course, the one that stood out was none other than the barkday girl, who greeted her guests like a true royalty! Isn’t she dazzling? *sigh* she’s gonna be all grown up and rule the corgi land in no time. (watch the video till the end to see the barkday girl!)
P.S. We ain’t no party planners, but if you think you need help to put together something awesome like that, we know a fellow black schnauzer who can help!
Written by M