Milo, the Schnauzer

Despite being the proud owner of a schnauzer, we’ve never had a salt and pepper schnauzer for a pawdel! But of course, we’re no stranger to Milo, whom we have met before at Onyx’s barkday pawty last year!

While Milo was not the sort that would bolt the instance she saw another dog, she took a while to warm up to us. But before you know it, she gave in to yummy treats and belly rubs, and was working her best angles for us! We have our suspicions that Milo may have been modelling on the sly, or at least practising her poses :p we also learnt a trick or two from her owner on how to change Milo’s clothes without removing the body harness completely! (We’re still testing if it works on our furball!)

The shoot was not an easy one only because we were at a popular spot which meant there was a lot of human traffic. No complaints from us – that’s what makes a good spot, right? In fact, we were quite thankful for the good weather – it had been drizzling that morning, and the skies looked rather overcast that we were so worried the shoot had to be cancelled. With some patience and a whole lot of luck, the dark clouds paved way for a cooling shoot. That definitely saved Milo from the scorching heat that everyone was lamenting about the past few days!

In retrospect, it has been an exciting March for us, and we’re pretty sure it’s going to be an awesome April! Guess who’s barkday is coming up? See you at the pawty!
Written by M