Woolly, the Westie

annyeonghaseyo~ Woolly looks like your average free-spirited Westie – happy and endearing, but did you know that she was given up at the age of one year old? The Korean family who first bought her from the pet shop named her Woori, don’t be surprised if you see her staring at the TV when you have your Korean dramas playing!
Woolly The Westie was the perfect pawdel – she doesn’t bark, super well-behaved, and is a real foodie! This means that she’d do anything for the shot, as long as she gets her treats :p
We hear she’s a fan of dog-yoga (that’s what pawdels do in their free time right?), often working on her “downward dog”. It’s no wonder she’s so flexible and agile, sprinting at her fastest for the running photographs.
Now, if you’re a fellow westie looking to get into her good books, we recommend that you bring along a bouquet of treats, and walk real softly because loud noises will tend to startle her. Hint: her bark day is on 6th of March! Best of luck!
Written by M