Butter, Leah & Skippy

We took a picture of a Kangaroo today! :p We’re just kidding – Leah, your typical shy sweet girl, took a while to warm up to us, but when she did, she sure runs like a Kangaroo! (and that’s a compliment!)

In an alternate universe where dogs ruled the world, we can totally imagine that Leah and Di Di (actual name: Skippy) would be happily “dating”, and Butter will be the bff that tags along. That’s how tight the three of them are.

In a simple photoshoot session, we also learnt how energetic they can be! Of course, these furballs were not going to work for free – after slurping up some treats, they decided to protest against harsh labour conditions (i.e. taking photos under the sun) so we had to bring them to spots that were a bit more shady. Phew!

Here are three ideas that you can consider to get your pets to look at the camera (the last one worked for us with Leah and Di Di!):
1. Rotate the models – like humans, they don’t like to work long hours at one stretch you know? If you have only one furball, then must have half-time (like soccer)
2. Get the dog’s significant other to be behind the camera – there was a time when Di Di kept looking in the direction of Leah and vice versa!
3. Engage a professional passer-by who looks like he or she is opening a bag of food. Somehow, dogs have an inner “inspector” mode   that triggers when you want them to look at the camera. Snap when the “passer-by” is behind the camera.

Written by M