Muffin Can, the Shih Tzu

You know sometimes you go to a restaurant and the food looks so much smaller in portion compared to the menu? Muffin was quite the opposite. It has never occurred to us (from his Instagram pictures) that he was that huge and trust us when we say he’s bigger than Pumper!

After a few re-scheduled sessions, thanks to the haze, we finally managed to meet him! And we must thank his humans!!! They were very obliging and brought many many outfits for him. Our favorite has to be the cow onesie 😂 but it was really warm (yes, we were at Hort Park under the relentless mid day sun) so we took it out really quickly! Muffin was mostly cooperative throughout his photoshoot session and we must say he’s cutest when he lies on the ground restlessly.

Written by M