Sage, the Dachshund

Sage, the Dachshund, is one of the youngest pup we photographed outdoors. With his keen sense of curiosity, he is one that will do anything, no matter how dangerous it may be, as long as he feels like it. Like jumping out of the basket, walking at the edge of the pavement next to a pond, etc. Fortunately, under all of our watchful eyes, he was more than safe during the course of the photoshoot.

Did we mention that he is the FIRST dog ever to bark at us, or rather the photographer when we first met up with Velle (his owner). We later concluded that he was actually barking at the camera/lens, not the human! (:  Prior to the photoshoot, we were preparing ourselves for an overactive puppy, I mean, that’s what we experienced most of the time with puppies. One moment they are busy terrorising the handlers with their hyper activeness, the next moment they fall into a slumber. The cycle repeats itself.

Fortunately for us. especially the photographer, this puppy is full of life and energy. The best part? He’s a more obedient than we though, in fact it surpassed our initiation prediction. Oh! How wrong were we! When he needed to stay still and posed for the camera,  hesitant and puzzled at first, these expressions soon wore off and he started to be as graceful as he possibly could. We started to wonder, if there were actually modelling courses for dogs and if Sage actually attended lessons there!

Photo 29-10-15, 10 23 54 AM

The treats definitely played a fair bit in getting him to cooperate. But we still like how natural it seems for him to pose in front of the camera. Of course this little puppy soon became tired which was not exactly bad news for us because that means he would be willing to lie or sit at the same spot forever. It was definitely an enjoyable photoshoot for us and we can’t wait to share the photographs with his owner and everyone else!

Written by R