Bruno & Brownie, the Toy Poodles

Bruno and Brownie looked like siblings from the same poodle mom – both were equally adorable, snuggly and cannot bear to leave their pawrent’s side! Both furballs were very well-taken care of, and despite being blessed with curlier hair, Brownie showed no signs of tangles! (We need to find out what shampoo he uses!) It was a little confusing at first who’s who – Bruno was of a darker brown than Brownie and Brownie was, for the lack of a better description, brown!

The fairy-tale of Brownie and Bruno did not start on the same day – Brownie, the kor kor in the family, found his way into their humans’ hearts through adoption. And because Mummy did not want Brownie to be lonely, Bruno came along and he became part of the loving family too! Just under a year old, Bruno’s fur was as soft as thousand-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets! Loved how he had bundled his hair into a knot at the top of his head! You should see his ears when he ran – just like a little girl with pigtails!

Like most siblings, Bruno and Brownie could not bear to see each other being apart for too long, but when you put them side by side, they made sure they were one (dog’s) arms length apart. We tried to make them run together, connected by their usual short leash, but it sure turned out hilariously awry. Brownie had a head-start (older, hence wiser, right?), but Bruno soon caught up and dragged Brownie along with him!

Another reason why Brownie was a little slower was because his front left leg was shorter than his front right hand. But hey, this pawsome dog wasn’t going to let that stop him from living the life! We can tell that from their Facebook and Instagram accounts (Bruno & Brownie) that Bruno and Brownie’s pawrents shower them with lots of love!

Written by M