Ah Bui, the Chosen One

Dog photoshoots have always been enjoyable for us and we never get tired of hearing pawrents or the humans speak about their furballs. How they first brought those furballs homes, the growing up, the little antics that never fail to make the humans laugh and no matter how old they are, they’re always full of mischief in one way or another.

Photo Credit: Chris

Today’s session was a little different – not because Bui Bui was slightly older than the rest that have met, but because he was testament that adopting a senior dog, unlike what most people think, is not as bad as it sounds.

No one knows Ah Bui’s real age, it’s probably one of the best kept secrets at this point in time, but he’s estimated to be between 7 to 9 years old. He has lost a couple of teeth (just like humans at 60 years old), which means he has a perpetual 😛 emoticon face.

But that’s not the only reason why we fell in love with him. Throughout his photoshoot, he ambled alongside us as we went around Sengkang Riverside Park, almost as though he knew that it was his special day! He was food-motivated enough to look at the camera in exchange for an extra nibble, but not greedy at all!

Like many abandoned dogs, life was not always full of rainbows and he too had a heartbreaking story – he was tied to a lamp post with his slightly gruffier brother. Thankfully, they were rescued by a vet, who took care of them until both of them found new homes.

Happily Ever After

E’s husband had a JRT in mind when they were looking out for a jogging companion, somehow or so, fate brought Ah Bui and them together, and the rest is history. Amazing how furballs choose humans, and not the other way around, isn’t it?

P.S. #funfact – he used to be a whopping 10kg! Now he’s 8kg! (We hope the treats today didn’t make him put on any weight!)

Written by: M