Shih Tzu Brothers – Oreo Biscuit

Blessed with clear weather, non-hazy conditions on the day of the photoshoot. We recommended Lorong Halus Wetland, because we felt there was plenty of space for the dogs to roam about and although we had the lalangs at our disposal, we didn’t think it was a good idea to have 2 beautiful Shih Tzu brothers placed in there. After all, we could not be certain there are snakes, insects or whatever else threatening lurking among the tall grass.

Oreo & Biscuit were such a joy to behold. In fact, it was the first time we photographed 2 Shih Tzus together. One with a beige coat while the other a black. Although they have different fur colors, they actually belong to the same litter. So the story goes something like this… Their mama was actually given a choice of dog she would like to have, somehow or rather, she didn’t give a definite answer so, her dad got both of them back instead. These 2 brothers live happily ever after, pampered in every sense! Awwww…

Heard from Joey’s mum, back at home, Biscuit is the “boss”  but there was once, both of them actually sneaked out of home, giving the whole family a huge scare. Thankfully, they are both found, or else how could we have a photoshoot with them right? On the day of the photoshoot, there were times Oreo tried to sneak away by himself, possibly to explore the area. That was when the family realised, the “sneak-out-of-home” saga could be instigated by Oreo! We all had a good laugh at the brothers because they are simply the opposite of each other.

More on the photoshoot. It was definitely a challenge to take photographs of 2 dogs at the same location and at the same time. One of the challenges faced was, when we were photographing either Biscuit or Oreo, he would be so fixated on what the other is doing elsewhere. For example, Biscuit kept looking in the direction of Joey when she was handling Oreo and we were taking Biscuit’s photographs. Nevertheless, we managed to catch his attention for brief moments but thankfully, these moments were captured on camera. Same for Oreo. Of course the hot weather was a challenge too as we had to ensure that both dogs are hydrated. Despite the hot weather, both dogs were still very active during the entire course of the photoshoot. Well, sometimes a dog too active can be quite a handful for the photographer. I guess the same applies for kids. Except that when kids cry, the photoshoot has more or less ended, right?

The other interesting fact about Oreo and Biscuit is that they are totally NOT food motivated! Ahhhh! That means we could not “bribe” them to have their photographs taken. Talk about dogs knowing that the camera is facing them, ready to take their photographs. Not at all a strange occurrence right? Well, the same thing happened. That’s why we had to be always ready, because everything can happen in a blink of an eye. Nevertheless, it was a tiring but extremely fruitful and fun photoshoot session for Oreo and Biscuit. We look forward to delivering the photographs, photobook and “mystery gift” that we are sure will be well received by them!

Written by: R