Duffy, the Singapore Special

Every furball that we photograph has a story behind.

Duffy was no different. Her Instagram handle, @DuffyTheBlackBeauty, says it all. At first glance, one would have thought that Duffy was a black Japanese Spitz, or closely related to it. But to our surprise, she is a Singapore Special,  once upon a rescued dog, now basking in the warmth of a loving family.

The sheen on Duffy’s coat was evidence of “all you need is love”, the bond between her and her family. including her cousin, @princesscookieyap, a Yorkshire from Texas (that’s a story we’ll save for another day!)

Throughout the shoot, Duffy was well-mannered and easy to manage, but she had so much energy within her, she was having a ball of time prancing around and rolling on the fresh, green lawn atop the Marina Barrage. Unlike her cousin, Cookie, this was her first trip to the barrage! Though we were thankful that the weather was sunny, for a furball with a black-coat, this meant that things were heating up quite quickly! We had to shift to the shady areas, pronto (so that Duffy doesn’t become a hot dog).

Once away from direct sunlight, Duffy turned into a calm and submissive furball, almost as though she was channelling her inner demure self. The rest of the shoot went on without a hitch!

Written by: M