Mochi, the Pomeranian, or like what his owner calls him, the Mini Lion. The last time we met Kyra (Mochi’s paw-ma) and Mochi, was about 1.5 years ago, when we celebrated his first bark day! Of course we were very excited to meet him again after so long because during his barkday, it was all about chasing him while he was busy entertaining his guests, both humans and dogs.  We remembered the event was held at Pawlicious and it was our first official event coverage for a dog’s birthday. Needless to say, the number of dogs present that day gave us every reason to be even more excited! Therefore, you should have us at all your dogs’ events! Haha!

To be honest, we took for granted that Mochi still remembers us and that our impression of him was that we would have a “good time” trying to get his attention and preventing him from running all over us. We mentally prepared ourselves to be able to overcome a hyperactive dog and to have the photoshoot completed as smoothly as possible. Therefore we didn’t get a little description, or for this case, update on Mochi’s behaviour. What can possibly go wrong right? Fortunately, nothing did.
Mochi_the_mini_lion-23In fact, Mochi was so well-behaved, he simply set the benchmark for all the other dogs that we will cross paths with! That’s how I got my favourite shot of Mochi (above). I’m not sure what got his attention or he was simply just daydreaming. We placed him at a spot, made a few actions to attract his attention, there! We got it! The treats did help, but only by so much because Mochi was naturally able to pose, listen and react well to our “demands”. I bet Kyra was as impressed by her own pooch as we were! The location we chose that day, was none other than Marina Barrage. Famed for its rooftop garden, we had ample space to have our photoshoot. Since it was as early as 9am in the morning when we started, there were only a handful of people present. That also meant less dogs, which is good for us because Mochi wouldn’t be so distracted by his fellow fur-friends. In fact, there was a Shih Tzu present and the moment we went up to the roof, we could see Mochi’s eyes fixed on him/her. Fortunately, his fur-friend wasn’t too interested.

More photographs of Mochi can be found here.

Written by: R