Misty & Copper

We have decided that as long as we can, we will try to write blog posts related to Pet Photography. Therefore, for a start, we will write about our photoshoot session with Maltipoo Misty and Copper!

Before we forget, let us share this random fact that we came to know when we interacted with the owners! Misty belongs to Samantha while Copper belongs to her boyfriend, Edgar. Kind of make “duh!” right? Bros and BFFs kind of thing, but the funny thing is, Copper listens to Samantha more while Misty listens to Edgar. Sometimes we get confused as to who the “real” owner is. Talk about opposite attracts. Nevertheless, we were blessed with good weather that day, a little hazy (God knows who the culprit is) but good for us because the light was diffused.

One of our ways of photographing dogs is to get down to their level. So imagine the “level” I have to get down to, photographing a little pooch like Misty? Mind you, she is a tiny furball, smaller than your average toy poodle. However, say we didn’t warn you, she terrorises her bigger companion, Copper, but more on that later.

Photography is all about creating pictures that tell people a story. Going down to their level gives us a more unique view of the dogs. A dog’s eye view (pun intended).  We are usually the ones towering over these little furry ones therefore a picture taken at our level is a picture seen by many already, nothing special. Of course, just be careful when you’re going to lie chest down, because the places you are photographing the dogs are usually places that allow dogs and that means… You know what I mean? You wouldn’t want to be lying on something unpleasant.

Photoshoot Scenes
Going low!

The location picked for this photoshoot was none other than the home of Misty! A condominium located in the eastern part of Singapore. Thankfully there were nice grass, garden and an “abandoned” rooftop for us to have the photoshoot, all to ourselves. Both Misty and Copper were very obedient during the photoshoot. I have to admit, that really made the photoshoot a smooth and enjoyable one. The treats did play a big role and we had to ensure they don’t have too much of it.

Our ever trusted brown basket played a part in the photoshoot too! We realised that when we placed dogs inside, they tend to be more calm, yet curious, especially when we had an earlier photoshoot that morning and there were still traces of the dog’s scent lingering around. Obviously to us, we thought nothing of it, but to the dogs, it was a great deal. Misty, especially, started sniffing around the basket, since she is small enough to move around the basket. During this period, even the treats could not take her attention away from the scent. Fortunately, the sniffing stopped, although at one point of time we were worried that either Copper or Misty would “mark” their territory on the basket by peeing in it. Misty was a little nervous when we placed her on the playground. Maybe because of the holes on the platform which her tiny paws would slip right into it. Guess she’s like me, dislike holes! So we placed her on the basket and that took away some of the anxiety. It was business as usual…

Photoshoot Scenes
Feeling more comfy in the basket

The photoshoot took longer than we planned, but it was expected because we were photographing two dogs. Although the focus was on Misty, we thought it would be nice to balance out the photoshoot duration for both dogs and have them taken together as well. Because of our “great effort” (thick skinned photographer), we were even treated to a  preview of what life is like with both dogs at home, playing and wrestling with each other. I guess that’s what a big open space will provide, since the dogs had all the freedom to run about.

Kungfu fighting!

That would be all for this first (historic) blog post! We look forward to meeting new furballs and making new friends with their owners! We will also do our best in making the content in the blog a more meaningful and personal one. Do check out our new website and follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). More pictures and promotions will be announced through them!

Written by: R